Jamal Abdillah ordered to undergo two years of police supervision

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KUALA LUMPUR: Popular singer Jamal Abdillah was ordered by a magistrate’s court here to undergo two years of police supervision after he tested positive for drugs. Magistrate Nazran Mohd Sham issued the order Monday under Section 61 (b) of the Drug Addict (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983.

Under the Act, Jamal, 45, is required to report to a police station once a month and notify the police of his whereabouts, should he move house. He is also subject to random urine tests.
Jamal had earlier registered himself at Pengasih, an organisation involved in drug rehabilitation to undergo voluntary rehabilitation and treatment. The Malay pop idol, who tested positive for a second time since his arrest, said he agreed with the report prepared by the drug rehabilitation officer. Jamal who was arrested on Aug 3 for driving a car bearing a false number plate, was earlier released on a RM3,000 bail on Aug 5 after he underwent a urine test.

The award-winning singer has been arrested several times before for drug addiction. In mitigation, defence counsel Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rahman urged the court to take into account Jamal’s effort to register himself at Pengasih as soon as he was out on bail. Kamarul said sending Jamal, to a government-run drug rehabilitation centre (Pusat Serenti) in Dengkil, would make his situation difficult as he had signed a three-year contract with Warner Music to produce a new album.

He said his client also had to support his child and ex-wife. Kamarul said the fact that Jamal was last placed in a Pusat Serenti in 1989, showed that he had tried to control himself from using drugs between then and now.

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