Sunday has always been another busy day for me. It’s either going to Unitar to attend class, studying in the library or visiting interesting places in KL. But today, I have no plan at all. It’s semester holiday and also middle of the month. I have nowhere to go. Thanks to my CBN friends who called me to meet up in Sogo. I totally forgot about Azie’s wedding which will be held this coming Saturday at Dewan Perdana. Gosh, we need to buy something for her.

So, I just wear my slack and t-shirt. Brought along my HP bagpack which I usually use to keep my laptop. Stuffed my book and pda inside it and hopped into dad’s car. My mom and dad was about to leave house to Mines Convention Center to visit the Halal Food exhibition. I asked dad to dropped me at the bus stop near Giant Hulu Klang. My mom asked why didn’t I use the LRT instead of the bus? I just said, I wanna ride on the bus. It was so long since the last ride I took in the public bus.

I was at the bus stop for about half an hour. Then only the Len Seng bus came. I hold one ringgit and few coins in my hand. I have no idea how much is the bus fare from Taman Permata to Pertama Complex. I thought Len Seng bus uses the coin machine like those in Intrakota, but they don’t. At least, not the one that I rode on. It still has the ticket man. I paid RM 1.60 for the 30 minutes ride. It’s supposed to be an air-cond bus but I hardly feel the cool air. The indian girl who sat besides me keeps complaining about the heat and keep pushing the aircond to her. I just stare outside.

Pheww…Imagine all those stuff that I missed throughout this year. I’ve been driving to and fro the Genting Klang road but being a driver, I didn’t get to see everything. I know I should use the public transport more often then. I didn’t realize there’s a ‘kedai potong’ in Jalan Genting Klang. Gee..I can dropped by at any day and asked if they have a nice and reasonable car seat to replace the old passenger seat. There’s also a new tuition centre opening at one of the shop lot. Then, there’s a new mamak shop with big shinning signboard. The Chow Kit area as usual, packed with almost 70% of them are Indonesian. The music from the nearby music store blasted loudly and a group of men were gathering in front of a shop watching the big tv. It was crowded, noisy and hectic.

I arrived at the bus stop near Odeon cineplex. sheesh..I missed these cinema. This is where I watched the first movie ever in a cinema. It was ‘Awas’ the movie. I was one of the KRU die-hard fan and I sneaked into the cinema just to watched the movie without my parent’s permission. I don’t think they knew about it until today. The ticket price was cheap, less than RM 5 but the seating is incomparable with TGV or GSC which was not available during those years. We met at Maju Junction. I went to check out new slack and shirt at FOS. Jeez, I even found a nice business card holder at Memorylane. I need to get one of those. The selection of items in Memorylane in Maju Junction is much wider and better compared to Wangsa Maju. We bought a nice frame for our friend. Later, we headed to the food court. I bought a kuey tiow and ABC with ice cream. I wish I have my digicam with me. The ABC was so nice…I asked for ABC without Cincau ( I don’t like cincau) plus a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. Yummy…so nice and sweet. My friend bought two different set of ABC. Both are nice. I should visit this place more often. The selection of foods are better and the place is so comfortable. It feels so relaxing. We enjoyed our dessert while talking about the coming wedding.

We left the place at 4pm. My kind friend dropped me at Kampung Baru for me to get any bus back to Hulu Klang. While waiting and counting the cars that passed by, suddenly I was interrupted by a man wearing green shirt and trouser asking me for two ringgit. I shooked my head and lied to him saying that I only have 1 ringgit for the bus fare. He just went off. I thought I’ve seen his kind of clothes somewhere. It looks like those uniform that patients wear in the hospital. Omigod, could he be an escaped patient from the nearby hospital?

The Intrakota came after the man left. The bus fare from Kg Baru to Hulu Klang also cost me RM 1.60. When the bus arrived at National Zoo’s bus stop, two Indonesian ladies wanted to go to Chow Kit but the bus was heading to the depot in Taman Melawati. I just watched them, amusingly when I only realized it was the station which I should get down. Duhh…now I have to walk further to reach home. Okay then, I dropped by at the sugarcane stall near the post office and walked home. It was kind of scary to walk under the flyover of Taman Melawati-Hulu Klang. I can hear the sounds of the flyover vibrating tremendously. Gulp…don’t tell me these flyover is also cracking like the one near Kepong? I quickly left the place and arrived home exhausted.

It’s time to go to sleep. Good night, Malaysia…..






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