Vote For Your Favourite Pose

It’s been so long since the last time I spend little time looking at my backyard. Since my cat, Tom decided to move to another house which could afford to serve him canned food instead of rice and cekodok to him, I seldom have time to check my backyard and see other cats that loves to come to our house to get some food. But today I notice this brown cat laying at on the cement while I was cooking for lunch. It was waiting patiently hoping for some food to occupy his big tummy. I thought it will ran when I tried to get near it but it was a tame cat. After a few months of not touching and caressing any cats, it felt so good to be able to pat and brush this healthy cat. I hope it will stay around longer and who knows, I might want to adopt it to replace Tom 🙂

Vote for your favourite pose. No need to AFUNDI, just vote in the comment. 😉

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