Hoorrayy….exam is over!

Alhamdulillah, the last 2 paper has been cleared out. Only the result will determine how far I had done throughout this semester. Always hoping the best for it. Now, it’s time for a quick break while catching up with few books to read, learn Visual Basic.net to prepare for next semester’s first project paper and my home tuition program will be started in September, insya’ Allah.

My officemate and I was supposed to celebrate our boss’s 27th birthday at KFC Wangsa Maju but her whole families had fever and the program was cancelled. My friend and I decided to go to KLCC coz I need to check out books in Kinokuniya. I plan to purchase a book called Microsoft Visual Basic: Step By Step but it was not available. As usual I will browse through the bestseller books but nothing looks interested to me. I’ve been reading too much of chic lits and I think I need a change. I looked at the computer sections but couldn’t found anything interesting. Luckily Unitar’s library provides a lot of IT computers and CDs for students to borrow and it’s been updated regularly. Even the IT e-book will be available soon. I don’t think I need to purchase any computer books. I browsed through the literature and language section, then politics before stopped at psychology section. Hmmm…now here’s some interesting books. It’s been quite a while since the last time I had a psychology or motivation books in my hand. I picked up several books and read the summary. Found a very interesting book called A Child Called It written by Dave Pelzer. It’s a true story about Dave Pelzer’s childhood life which was brutally beaten and did not get proper love from his mom and dad. I have not started reading it yet but I know I will hooked on this series for sure. This is the first part and there are 3 or 4 sequals to this first book.

It was so crowded in KLCC. Lots of people having fun while relaxing on Saturday evening. We strolled at the park and later decided to leave the place. It was getting dark and we headed to Wangsa Melawati to have dinner at a western food restaurant called Mama Chop Papa Grill. Located at the roadside of Wangsa Melawati, opposite the mosque…it serves mouth-watering western food at a very affordable price. I had a nice and juicy lamb chop with fried bun, vege and fries along with black paper sauce while my friend tried the chicken chop served with vege, rice and brown sauce. I also ordered jumbo size watermelon juice which cost me RM 3.50….worth it. I didn’t managed to finished up every little drop but it was nice and sweet.

What’s the plan for tomorrow? Maybe I will be in Sogo. I need a new pant for currently I only have two pants left. The black jeans is unwearable due to the small hole at the bottom. I think I need a new pair of shoe too..the old one will be teared into pieces in no time. It had been sewed twice.

Demam Bendera in KLCC. I think the design looks funny especially the moon and star. Isn’t it placed wrongly?

One down….

Nice and very useful

Mama Chop Papa Grill

The jumbo size watermelon juice against the regular ice lemon tea.

Chicken Chop with brown sauce

Lamb chop with black paper sauce. It would be better if they covered up the lamb with sauce instead of just putting it on top. The amount was not enough.






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