Mat Rempit…Boleh!!

KUALA LUMPUR: The police normally close off Jalan Raja after 7pm daily to stop illegal motorcycle racing which is becoming rampant in the city. However, a check at about midnight and 2am yesterday found that the move seemed ineffective in achieving its aim. Around midnight, a group of motorcyclists were seen gathering in Jalan Raja to perform various stunts on their machines. Two hours later, the group of 20 to 30 motorcyclists were still performing various stunts on their machines and by that time, more than 100 people had gathered at Dataran Square to watch them.

Four motorcyclists on four machines were then seen racing against each other. Suddenly two of them collided and they were thrown of the machines. They were killed. The crowd of onlookers and other motorcyclists immediately fled the scene. Some of the motorcyclists were seen trying to remove the damaged motorcycles from the scene.

Now you see…..

Now you don’t….

Sigh…..Kuala Lumpur will gonna missed them so much. Who’s gonna put up a spectacular stunt show for us when they have gone? To those who are interested or knows anyone with talents in such stunt, please ask them to join in Wira Merah. I am sure many people will feel proud of them 🙂

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