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Complaints made about reckless and careless drivers in KL is not something new. Everyone talks about it almost everyday. I bet everyone who drives in KL has a story of their own experience while driving on the KL roads. Here’s my story…

This evening after having dinner with a friend and sent her home, I drove along Jalan Jelatek towards Wangsa Maju. After the traffic light at the junction between Jalan Jelatek towards Carrefour Wangsa Maju, the road was quite dark. It seems that the streetlight is having a problem again. It was raining cats and dogs when I was still in the office. The road was wet and slippery.

As I drove carefully through the dark road towards Carrefour with other cars around me, I was having difficulty to focus on the road. It was still drizzling and some cars being so ‘smart’ using high beam while driving. When I reach near Destina, then only I realized a motorbike with two guys on it was on the road. Luckily I was driving less than 50km/h at that time or I will definitely knocked them down. As I’ve mentioned that the streetlight is not working, I was only depending on the lights from the other vehicles and my own too. But this smart motorcyle, must be really brave not only riding it in the dark with black helmet, black t-shirt and pants but also without any break light. I’ve seen many of these incidents around KL and Selangor and I always ponder about it. It seems that riding motorcycles with malfunctioning break light is a common habit. Not only to teenagers but also adults as well. Is it difficult to use it? Is the light bulb gets damage easily? Is the light bulb expensive? Or could it be a new trend to ride motorcycle without using the light at all? I don’t own a bike yet but if I do, making sure that all those lights functions at all time will be my no 1 priority. Safety first.

Anyway, I hope to those of you who are using motorcycle, please be careful. Riding motorcycle on the road already makes you exposed to 70% of potential to get hurt badly when involved in any accident compared to other vehicles like cars and vans. So please, spend some time to check your vehicle and make sure all the lights are functioning including signals. If the rules says motorcyclist need to use light even during the daylight, I don’t understand why some dare to take the risk to travel without it at night. At one time, I saw a guy walking into a shop while wearing a helmet that has the break light installed at the helmet which is a better way for safety. Other drivers could see the guy on the motorcycle better with the light at the back of his helmet. I wonder where can I get such kind of helmet?

I plan to take up motorcycle license at the end of this year coz I want to get a scooter for myself to travel from home to office. Does anyone here knows whether the driving school do teach how to ride motorcycle before sitting for the exam coz I knows nothing about riding motorcycle. I only rides bicycle. I heard some driving schools require us to have basic knowledge and skills of riding a bike. Is it true? Does the motorcycle riding exam tough? Share your own experience with me 🙂

Please don't do this while riding on the road...






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