LAMAN 2004

I was rushing to Lake Garden last Saturday and only to find the place was crowded with people and vehicles. The exhibition lasted until Sunday attracted thousands of visitors. I had to parked my car far away, much further than the Butterfly Garden. Walking all the way to the lake was not what I expected but luckily free shuttle transports were served to visitors. My friend and I rode on a tramp to the exhibition and later on a golf cart from the exhibition to the parking lot. It’s a nice exhibition, lots of flowers and landscape. I took the opportunity to practise my photography techniques. We walked around the lake till we felt exhausted.

Later, we went to Selera Semarak at Jalan Semarak for dinner. The place was packed with Pulapol guys and UTMKL’s students watching Akademi Fantasia while having dinner. When I was studying in UTMKL, there’s a stall selling delicious Mee Bandung and I tried to looked for the stall. The place has changed from wooden stalls to proper food court. But I couldn’t remember which stall, everything look so different. My friend ordered Mee Bandung and I had Nasi Goreng Paprik with teh ais. Urghh…talking about having dinner at malay restaurants or stalls usually means we have to starve waiting for the food and drinks. That’s why mamak can attracts more customer. Less than 5 minutes after ordering, at least you will get your drink. While waiting for the food, you will ended up finishing your drink and order another one. Between food and drink, drink has wider profit margin compare to food. Anyway, after dinner we left the place and went home. I had to finished my assignments as the dateline is getting nearer….then, the final exam. sigh….

Bunga?? Orkid lah!!

Daun putih nie bila disentuh rasa lembut macam baldu

Pelbagai jenis dan warna didalam satu kumpulan

Replika botol mineral pun ada. Nape replika botol kicap takde ek?

cuci kaki dulu ye sebelum naik ke rumah

laaa…..ada juga yg mencuba nasib menangguk ikan

ikan pon main acah-acah ngan pakcik pengail nih…..sampai berjanggut dia hah memancing. sekor pon tak sangkut.






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