Blind Beggar

I met my good friend this morning. We had a lengthy chat about the job interviews that she had been attended recently. While talking about it, she told me a story about a young beggar who pretended to be blind.

This incident happened on one morning while she was waiting for Putra train at Wangsa Maju station. There were few others who were waiting for the train too. Not far from her, a young guy about 23-25 years old holding some sort of a donation box was standing anxiously waiting for the train. He always looked at the watch box where the next train’s arrival time appear. It was 1 minute before the train arrived at the station when suddenly this guy furiously poking into his bag. Most of the passenger at the station looked at him. Some of them even rubbed their own chin as if trying to remember who this guy is. My friend was also thinking very hard for this guy looks extremely familiar to her. While the guy was busy looking into his bag for something, suddenly a cane and a sunglass dropped from the bag. The other passengers were like ‘ooo….’ and ‘ahhh’ when seeing it. In a split second, he hold out his hand searching for the two items on the floor. He wore the sunglass and hold out the cane pretending nothing is happened. Another guy teasing him by saying, “laaa..buta rupanya. Tadi naik eskalator punya le confident”

Then only my friend remembered where she met him. The guy used to beg for money at Masjid Jamek area. Duhh…I just don’t understand why some people who still have energy and young prefers to pretend to be blind and buy from other people’s sympathy. What if one day God makes him blind forever for lying to lots of people?

This is not the first case I heard about young, healthy people pretending to be blind. My father once saw a blind beggar drove a Kancil after collecting money at a restaurant in Keramat.

“Orang memberi lebih baik dari orang yang menerima”






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