Muzium Negara

I went to the National Museum last Monday. The last time I went there was a few years ago during the exhibition called “Pameran Dari Kubur”. This time, there’s exhibitions on gold, films and malaysian culture.

Even though I’ve lived in KL for almost 20 years, but I still get lost when driving in KL. My friend and I had to stopped at Lake Garden. Stupid me, I brought along Selangor Map when I should have KL map instead. I forgot that I formatted my PDA and didn’t installed the Mappolis program which have the KL map. I have to called a friend to confirmed on how to get there. If I know that it would be that easy, we would have arrived there earlier. I should drove towards the exit to Mid Valley and walla..signboards to National Museum can be seen everywhere.

There weren’t many locals visiting the museum. Tourist buses can be seen scattered near the museum. We paid RM 2 for adult entrance and spent 3 hours in there. Such a fascinating place. Plenty to discover and read. tonnes of information and we really enjoyed ourselves. Here’s some photos which was taken in the museum. Hold your cursor on the photo for explaination.

Entance to the Museum area.

The building

The malay wedding ceremony

China town

Butterflies collection

My favourite bus during school years.

Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam movie accessories

Complete photos can be seen at Sherrina’s Fotopages.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Me….hehehe…it’s my 24th birthday. What?? I am 24?? That can’t be!!!! I feel like 14…wahahahaha






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