4 new kittens

My family adores cat very much except my mum who find cats only brings problem. My dad used to like a big, taiko cat called Kimmy Jr who rules the cat territory in my neighbourhood. But after Kimmy Jr disappear, another dull cat took over its position. We seldom hear cat fight at night, not like previous.

There is this grey cat which I called ‘Kelabu’ (I usually call cats by the colour of their fur) gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens in my shoe cabinet. We only keep old shoes there and maybe Kelabu find the shoe odour nice for her to give birth. The next morning, we could heard kitten’s crying for their mom who eventually went out for a stroll (too bad cat aren’t able to hold and push a pram or else it would be a nice sightseeing). My mom was angry when knewing about the kittens and it were sent to the neighbour’s house who owns the cat. But, later on Kelabu took her kittens back to the old place. Here’s some photos of the picture and I would be glad if any of you could spare some cat’s name for the 4 new kittens. Apparently, I can’t call the kittens by the colour of their fur because all of them seems to have almost identical colour which is grey. For temporary, I shall call them A,B,C and D which I have no idea how I am gonna differentiate which one is A,B,C and D. Maybe I could stamp the letter on their back!

The four lovely kittens

Sleeping on each other to keep warm

The mother feeds the kittens

p/s: Do you guys believe what people said when we snap pictures of cat, the cat will die or disappear?






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