I’m not panick (am I?)

Oh shit….I’ve just realized I was assigned to a wrond course. I am sure I was registered for Knowledge Management but when I click the link, I didn’t see any latest announcement. I thought the lecturer was busy and lazy. But when I click my classmate list, I realize I am in big trouble. I am the only one in the class! bloody hell. Quickly browse in faculty website only to find out that the code never exist. I hope they won’t make me pay for these non-existing subject. I’ve never been so careless when taking care of my subject and this one really messed my day! hate it…….

p/s: I never knew clamshell cellphone is quite nice. It’s so light and small, I can even keep it in my chest pocket. cool. But the buttons are too tiny. I need to keep longer fingernails, I guess.

pps: To Dazel, congrats for getting yourself the iPAQ 4150. I’m sure you will love it 🙂






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