Cheap iPAQ, anyone?

I thought I had classes in Unitar last saturday and sunday. I went there eagerly to absorb all the awaiting information but heck, the place was deserted. I mean, there’s a few people hanging out around there including the guards but my classroom was empty and dark. Urrghhh…wasting my time, my petrol and my energy. My own fault, I should have trust the schedule not my instict. Bummer!

anyway, yesterday I went to Subang Jaya. The last time I went there was about 10 years ago when my family took us for dinner at Subang Parade. I also have no idea why I’ve never set my foot again in Subang Jaya. Most probably because it’s quite a distance from my place and I don’t have friends and relatives staying there for me to visit. So, there was an ads in Saturday’s The Star about a clearance sale on old pc, printer and PDA. With the help of my KL Map book and plus Mappolis on my PDA which shows the map of KL and Selangor, I drove to Subang Jaya from Kelana Jaya. After few turns and twist, finally I arrived at the place. Almost an hour of drive (maddness, the signboards are helpless or is it me who gets panicked when suddenly I found out that I’m back into the Federal Highway? anyway, it’s a cool place and I was cursing myself when seeing the iPAQ selling at cheap price. I really mean it. Imagine, iPAQ 5 series which usually cost what? RM 1700 I guess was selling at RM 1200 only!! Now I understand why people advice to wait till a good bargain appears. Darn. But, one reason makes me smile. Those are demo units. Meaning, it has been used in demo and tour by iPAQ around Malaysia (oh heck, they still look lovely and look new). So, I have to tell myself. Don’t worry, you have a brand new, virgin set of iPAQ. Untouched by anyone (except the people who assembled the unit) and it was nicely pack in the box. Not like this one (but it still have a box…huwaaa). Anyway, it’s a nice sale but I didn’t purchased anything. The printer looks too old even though it only cost RM 30 but I’m eyeing on the smaller model. Hooraayy…PC Fair will be held end of this month. Keep away some cash for the shopping spree 🙂

Oh, look at the time. Need to rush now. Gotta see my cousin’s friend about the Samsung handphone (haha…gotten myself a second hand Samsung. At last, my own clamshell cellphone). and later, dash to meet my friend. It’s good to have off day on Monday. Adios…..






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