Photography Assignment:
Photographers in Action

I slept quite early last night. Not much in the mood for staying up late. I could hear my brother and my sister giggling over Mrs Doubtfire which was on tv at midnight. Then I heard my mom chased them to bed. But I know my dad quietly walked out from the bedroom to watched Euro 2004. Usually I like to accompany him to watch football but not in the mood.

Today, a lovely and bright day. Dad woke me up to remind me to type his letters. I switched on the laptop and type those stuff. Quickly had bathed and dressed up. I have no plan where to go but I know I must go somewhere. I decided to go to KLCC. Kinokuniya is the second place I hanged out after depositing some cash at BCB. My earlier plan was to purchase another Dan Brown’s book called Digital Fortress but then I changed my mind when I saw a nice pink book called Confessions of a Shopaholic. Not that I am a shopaholic (Most of the time, I shopped for books and gadgets) but I remembered my officemate told me that this book is great. After browsing through the pages, I decided to buy it. It’s lighter than Dan Brown’s full-of-fact books. I need a light reading material. Paid with the plastic card (the bank mistakenly blocked my card thinking that I over-used it) and walked to the upper floor of Kinokuniya. I always thought that the upper floors are packed with Japanese books only when I realized that there are plenty of art and design books. in all type of language. I walked to the cafe for an ice mocha before engaged myself in an hour of telephone conversation. I felt relief after the lengthy talk. I would say, problem solved! I can see silver line among the dark cloud 🙂

Later, my tummy gave me a signal. Uh no..I forgot to take my breakfast and it’s already lunch. I hate to eat alone in KLCC and decided to headed somewhere else. I walked out near the KLCC lake. The weather was fantastic and lots of people were taking the opportunities to potrait themselves with the famous tower. At first, I decided to do the same thing but when thinking that I already have plenty of KLCC photos in my collection, I changed my plan. Instead, I capture the photographers at the area. I found it quite fun and amusing. The best thing is, those people will not realized me taking their photos because they were busy with their own camera. Here’s my collections which I called: Photographers In Action.

A Pro Photographer

Smile now.

Say cheese!!

As if there’s a photograph class going on here.

That’s a star-like pose

This is a one-million dollar photo. Very rare.

Bodyguards eh?

This is a bit too much but who cares? As long as he gets the best shot.

After the half an hour activity, I drove to Great Eastern Mall for delicious spaghetti at Delifrance. By the way, check out my Online Gallery for complete collection.






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