Say hi to my new IPAQ H4150!

As I have mentioned before in the previous entry, I am in the midst of finding a replacement PDA which I had lost early this year. After making some homeworks and surfing through website and also visiting shops at IT Centre in Sg Wang, I’ve decided that the time has come to get me a new PDA. I’ve been badly forgotting appointments, assignments, class schedule and etc etc etc…bad memory. I should have taken Gingko Biloba since I was born. Recently I read an article about the Alzheimer syndrom and the symptoms, I get kind of chilled. Sounds like me having the early syntoms and don;t you dare to say that Alzheimer only attacks older people. The youngest so far has been attacked by this syndrom is a 40 years old woman!

I must start exercise regularly, eat balance diet and do healthy stuff. But I am glad to know that my kind of memory problem is not in the early stage of the syndrom but heck, preventing is a hell lot better than cure.

Anyway, I went to Low Yatt and make some surveys. I was eyeing on other models, thought that wanna get away from IPAQ but the other manufacturer’s models aren’t that convincing compare to HP. So, after a lengthy of discussing and calculating at the Digital Gadget, Low Yat, I finally choose the IPAQ H4150 which is bundled with extra battery, free softwares and the starter pack which includes the pouch and car charger. It has wifi and bluetooth build in it too. Total price, RM 1708. The actual bargain was RM 1688 but I forked in another 20 bucks for the clear screen protector. Handed them the plastic card, receive the call from the bank asking if I did used the card (good bank) and then walked happily home before realize and starts worrying about the debts to the bank. That’s the kind of life when you are not born with the golden spoon in your mouth.

Yesterday, despite the stomach ache and food poisoning, I still managed to carry myself to attend a CBNer’s wedding. Such a grand and exclusive wedding ceremony. Sharmila and Nizar. Sharmila is the daughter of the famous Iron Lady while Nizar is the eldest son of the current Deputy Prime Minister. We were there a bit late when all the guest of honours were already arrived. We were seated near the band stage where we could watch the video about the bride and the bridegroom. The food was nice and the best part is to get the chance to meet old friends whom I haven’t seen for years (I was in CBN for 3 years only) and we chat and gossiping.

I am currently reading the book written by Dan Brown (he’s the one who writes The Da Vinci Code) and I think I started to enjoyed his writings. After all this while I’ve been reading fictions and techie books and having a book on historical and art stuff is very interesting. Now I have to add visiting Europe into my wish list! There are also plenty of facts that I don’t know before reading this book. For example, the smallest country in the world is the Vatican City which is only 0.2 square miles. The Vatican City also has its own broadcasting station called Vatican Radio which broadcast its program around the globe spreading its religious messages.

I tried to search for Islam Broadcast and found this website called Islamic Broadcasting Network. Look at how religions has evolved its way of spreading the knowledge from just books and ordinary kuliah to online broadcasting which can reached millions of listeners in a matter of seconds. Amazing!!!






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