Putrajaya at night

Yesterday was a boring day. Right after dinner at Adam Seafood in Keramat, my friend and I drove to Putrajaya. It was an unplanned trip. I just have no where to go but I don’t want to go home yet. So we just chatted and drive at 70km/h until I’ve decided to try Putrajaya at night.

The first time I went to Putrajaya, it was a long and hectic journey. Dunno where did I go wrong, I ended up driving through Dengkil and some kampung before arriving Putrajaya. The second time I tried Sungai besi highway and arrived there without hassle. Last night I tried through Kesas. I dunno how did we ended up in Puchong coz I thought I saw the Puchong Mall and then Bandar Puteri or something before finally the highway to Putrajaya.

It was magnificent, grand place at night. Almost lights everywhere (TNB surely making money at this place) but the residents are no where to be found. So quite and hardly see any shop or mamak stall for a nice teh tarik. Then we stopped at the roadside to capture the picture of Bukit Melawati’s caste which I have no idea belongs to whom (most probably the current Agong lives there). Then we went to Dataran and captured the picture of the mosque, the Prime Minister’s office and the beautiful bridge that can be seen from far. I was told that this bridge has atrracted great controversy due to its stainless steel build. A stainless steel spoon already cost us a lot and imagine the amount of fortune spent on this bridge. Malaysia Boleh!!

On the way home, again…dunno how I did it..ended up through Kajang link. The toll house was deserted, a sign of new highway. It should be up in no time. I arrived home at 11.30pm, just nice for a quick bath and good sleep…..

Welcome to Putrajaya

The Prime Minister’s office

The stainless steel bridge

Putrajaya Mosque

The bridge from different angle






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