Have you visited National Science Centre in Bukit Kiara? If you haven’t, please do so before the end of June. It is now hosting the Nobel Prize winner exhibition which shows the list of Nobel prize winner, their achievements, the history behind the award and etc. Really great exhibition, pack with information. The most important, Malaysia has been chosen to host the exhibition which only goes to several countries around the world. Malaysia, the chosen one! Please don’t let this opportunity slip away. This could be once in a lifetime. I will be going there again this Saturday. still have several parts to visit because I only went there last saturday at 6pm (Admission is FOC on Saturday only after 6pm).

After the visit at National Science Centre, me and my other two friends went to Chop and Steak at Kampung Bharu. It’s quite a popular hang out for western food lovers because the variety of food at an affordable price. The mango juice is really good. But, we were so pissed off because the amount of food that we usually get had decreased and the fries were cold. I had complained once and it happened again. Any suggestion for other western restaurants around KL?

Last Sunday, I was invited to a friend’s engagement ceremony. Her theme colour is purple. I thought I heard someone said she looks like wardina! As a friend, I should not say this but I have no idea at which part she does like Wardina! hahaha……sorry Murni. Tolong jangan libas aku dengan belakang kulit durian!! Congratulation. Such a nice and simple ceremony. The best part, get to meet the CBN friends. Ann, Nik, Ayu, Fiza, Juita, Awin and Mas. As usual, treat the place like our own. Siap bukak garage sale (hahaha…cayalah marketing team: Awin and Wani). I planned to go to The Mall in the evening but I was too exhausted.

Oh ya, did u guys get those scratch cards from KFC? Guess what? I won a RM 50 voucher from Seng Heng. Horray..I’ve been eyeing on the MP3 thumbdrive. Went to Subang Jaya to collect the voucher. Then went to UiTM coz my friend want to send her MUET slip. Picked up a friend at Pekeliling at 4.30pm and went to Mid Valley to watch Harry Potter. At last!. Surprisingly, my HP big fan mate was there (Kudin) and she sent me an SMS saying she saw me. I was so excited, the movie started at 6.30pm. I had a large coke and popcorn to accompany me and my friend. But I was kind of disappointed. The movie was less fun compared to HP 1 and HP2. I was so frustrated and much more worse when a man who sat near me was actually dozzed off and snored during the movie!! wharrgghhh..such an insult to Harry Potter!! I was so baffle I had no mood for dinner. But hey, the Harry Potter game is still fun. Well actually the movie wasn’t that bad but I was so stupid to read the book a month before the movie came out. The story from the book keep popping in my mind while watching it. It kept ringing in my head “hey, that’s not right. He’s supposed to receive the Firebolt in the middle. After his broom got smashed by Whimping Willow” and Hey, Harry was supposed to be at the bar with Ron and Hermione drinking Butterbeer when they overheard the conversation about Sirius Black and so on and so forth.. Hold on, where’s the part where Harry received the permission letter from Sirius Black to allow him to visit Hogsmeade next semester? Arghhhh…….

Anyway, that’s not the worst yet. The worst happened this morning when I woke up at 9.10am to realize that I have a class at 9.30am. Thanks to the cough syrup which I might had taken more doses that I should which had made me sleep like a dead throughout the night…..

p/s: Just gotten my first credit card from Bank Islam. Only applied a Silver card for a start (actually that’s all I can afford..hehehe..) and can’t wait to see the statement after spending it on books at Kinokuniya (Dan Brown – Angel and Damon) and petrols. Been eager to learn the philosophy of using credit card and how it works.

Lotus Elise at KLCC in conjunction with Father’s Day celebration. The even showed how to assemble the car. Pretty cool.

The front view

Toyota Hybrid, the environment friendly car at National Science centre

My CBN friends

Murni, you look so……. purple!!

Someone knocked this loyal traffic light at Alpha Angle’s junction which had stood there for years through sunny and rainy day. The time has come to say goodbye (in awful way). Do you know that you will be fine RM 5000 if you accidentally or purposely knocked down or damaged a street light or a traffic light??? That’s a lot!!!!!






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