Life has its upside down. Some people had to struggle through hard life and get rewarded later. Some kicked off with good life and later only meet problems. I always thought that everyone had its bumpy rides in life and sometimes I wonder if there is any human being on earth with perfect, clean and easy life from the day he/she was born till the last day of life. Sometimes, we get influenced easily by people around us, televisions, internet and etc etc etc and we were exposed to all kind of lifestyle and sometimes, it effects us in life. What the hell am I talking about?

Straight to the point, a good friend of mine whose family’s earliest plan was only to visited his girlfriend’s family suddenly changed their plan 4 days before the meeting day from only visiting and ‘merisik’ tu engagement (bertunang). Easy for him as a guy, everything is provided and taken care of. After the sudden change, it’s still not the biggest surprised when arriving at the girl’s house only to found that her father ended up requested him to ‘nikah’ to his daughter on that day itself! I’ve seen friends and relatives going through this process from finding a soulmate, getting engaged and married but I’ve never seen anything as easy as what my friend had gone through.

I remembered seeing a friend of mine memorizing the lafaz nikah 2 weeks before the big day. But this lucky guy, he doesn’t have two weeks. He doesn’t even have two hours to do that. He managed to do so after third time. Okay, even Malik Mydin (the Malaysian English channel swimmer) also recited it three times, No big deal! But this kind of special situation is rare to me. Don’t make any assumption about this situation. These good couple is not ‘terlanjur’ or whatsoever as the reason for such a hurry but the reason gave by the the girl’s father (by now his father-in-law) is to avoid ‘maksiat’. They are now halal husband and wife di sisi Islam and soon will be attending the course and get the certificate to certified them as husband and wife in terms of human law. I believe my friend’s family had no problem with the sudden change of situation as I known them as among the good example of Islamic family.

When listening to his story, suddenly I visualised myself in his shoe. If I were him, will I have the guts and braveness to proceed with the plan? I’ve always heard and seen people talking bout marriage and it seems such a big and death to them and here I have seen someone who went through it as smooth as the morning breeze. Could it be God’s gift to him for being kind and nice throughout his 23 years of life? Could it be just pure luck because he is a man and he doesn’t have to worry since everything from A to Z will be arranged? (usually it’s the girl’s side who has to prepared like mad). And I asked myself this question. At this age of mine, am I ready to go walk through this important door to another part of life? I looked around me and looked deep into myself and I couldn’t find the answer. And I wonder how did some people managed to do it so easily?

And I thought schooling was the toughest part of life before realizing that making this kind of decision is much more difficult to do. We have the choices of answer like what we used to have when we sat for exam (A,B,C or D) and only one answer will be the correct one. Will we be able to get the correct answer? God knows. When the time comes, the answer will roll to our feet……..

p/s: I wonder if the reason to avoid maksiat could be labeled as a reason or as an excuse to get married? Should it get more priority compare to making ourself ready to carry the huge responsible? Please share your opinions with me.






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