As I’ve mentioned before, I had 3 straight days of holiday. I was supposed to work on saturday but since it’s Agong’s birthday..the whole nation is declared holiday. Then Sunday and Monday are my usual off day. I did nothing good during the last two days except eat, sleep, download movies, forums and repeat the step again and again. My parents were busy attending wedding’s ceremony at few places. I had two days of doing nothing I know how it feel being idle.

Today, I had no choice but to go out. Need some fresh air. I went to the bank to check if the cheque has been cleared but damn, not yet. Duhh…could be tomorrow. No choice, have to withdrawl another account. Went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju for a nice kebab brunch and post some letters. Right after that, I drove to Low Yatt. I just love this place, where all IT people met. It’s nice to see so many new stuff and gadgets (oww…I missed my PDA ). Bought 10 CD-R to burn stuff, my hard disk nearly comes to its limit. Downloaded so many games and movies. Now I wish I have 80GB hard disk. That would be really nice 😉 I also bought some DVDs, all of them are disney animations. After all this while I didn’t purchased any DVD and suddenly I am thinking of making my personal collection of disney animation movies. Then, went to Unitar to collect my new matric card. Straight away went to the library, miss it for a semester. Borrowed 3 books on digital photography and quickly dashed back to Wangsa Maju before the evening headache traffic jam start. Had dinner with a friend at Mali Nasi Lemak and arrived home at 9.00pm.

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