Duhh..what a lousy saturday. Had lunch at Kenny Rogers. Luckily I have a nice book to accompany me during the peaceful lunch. Later, went back to the cd shop to change the DVD game. Had to exchange with Simpson: Hit and Run and bought Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban cd game. Lucky me, I already installed Harry Potter Quidditch Game and Shrek 2 into my laptop last night. Huhu…got it for free. Hey, the new HP Game is nice. Just that I wish I have a better graphic card, it would be so smooth. But still the current one not that bad. Suddenly I have plenty of games to play. Besides Shrek 2 and Quidditch World Cup, Jazz Jackrabbit which is also among my favourite pc game which I downloaded few days ago is waiting for me. Got two version: Holiday Hare and Secret File. Too bad the new semester will be open soon. Duhh…..no more game. Better save it after the semester end. Oh man, Shrek 2 movie has to go into my next movie list. I’ve just watched Shrek 1 and it was so good. Should have listen to my friend about the movie earlier. Thanks to streamyx, downloaded it for 3 days. This evening I watched Toy Story 1. Toy Story 2 is currently downloading and also Atlantis The Lost Empire. Suddenly I wanted to watch all the disney movies. It would be nice to have a collection of all Disney movies…hmmm, should check out Low Yatt next week if I could get few DVD. Damn…the HP1 and HP2 DVD which I’ve promised myself to get. Urrgghh……money…moneyy






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