Hoorrayy…I’ve got myself the PC DVD of Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban game. This is the first time I purchased a DVD game (luckily my laptop is equipped with a DVD rom) and I was so excited to see that it bundled along with 5 more other games: HP&The Sorcerer’s Stone, HP&Chamber of Secret, HP The Quidditch World Cup Game, Lego Creator HP&Chamber of Secret and Shrek 2. Quite a good bargain to get 6 games in a DVD for RM 12. But I was so disappointed that the main game, Prisoner of Azkaban is having a slight problem when installing. Even with all the crack and cd key, it is still helpless. The other games installed perfectly. I need to get down to the store again to ask for further instruction. There might be some tricks to install this game.






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