As I’ve mentioned earlier I was given extra one day off. So, I make full use of yesterday’s off day by visiting the Petrosains and Mid Valley. Since Petrosains opened in KLCC, I haven’t been there and I was lucky to be able to purchased cheaper tickets during Real Reward Expo few months ago.

My friend and I arrived at Petrosains hoping that we won’t be bumping into school students but there were already a bunch of kindy students jumping up and down in front of us and a group of National Service trainees not far behind us. Oh bummer….since we’re already here might as well proceed with the plan. We walked in the entrance at 10.45am and only managed to get into the dark ride at 11.10am. The rounded vehicle provide some info on malaysia forestry and why we should keep our forest. Then, we stepped onto the platform and registered at the station to participate in Shrek Treasure Hunt. There were not many participants. Only 4 adults including me and a primary school girl. The contest starts at 11.30am and we were running here and there to find the answer. The best part, all participants were given the hair band (cekak) that has the Shrek’s ears on it. Cool, I really love that stuff, I wish I could keep it. I even asked if we can purchased it but no. At the end of the hunt, the first prize which is a pair of premier ticket to watch Shrek2 and some Baskin Robbins ice cream coupons goes to the primary school girl. We were laughing at ourselves, beated by a small girl. Alah, the Petrosains were helping her. I know :p

Then, we toured from one station to another. Learning and exploring every single science stuff that is available there. I tried all the games and IQ test. Then we watched 3D movie, pretty cool. We walked and read and talked and even tried the ride on the heli simulator and finally reached the exit at 3.30pm! Omigosh….we were so exhausted with all the science input and knowledge (I wish they build this place earlier, I bet I can scored all my science subjects easily. Duhh!).

We left KLCC and went to Mid Valley. Had lunch at MacD and window shopping lah, whatelse. I went to every camera shop I could find to ask for the S5000 price. One shop offer really interesting package. We went to the Toys R Us to bought a birthday present for the 3 years old boy who we celebrated in PD and headed home at 10pm. Really exhausted but still have left energy to blog and now I have to crawl to the bed. Good nite….

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