<font color="#FF00FF"></p> <h2>BBQ at Port Dickson</h2> <p></font>Phew…We Malaysian must be very proud with our country. I bet our country is among the world top list of most public holidays in a year. My generous boss even add another extra one day which should makes me feel good for having another day off but actually, I am not a public holiday lover. I just don’t know what to do and ended up at home in front of this laptop. The television shows KLCC were packed with foreigners (banglas and vietnamese) while most every entrance and exit to and fro KL is packed with vehicles.

Last friday, after my internet and web final exam (thanks to blogging activity, I might scored high in this paper!), I rushed home to pack some clothes and not to forget swimming cap. My dad sent me to Destina at Wangsa Maju where my colleague was waiting for me. We headed toward MRR2 highway at 6pm and stucked in the traffic jam for an hour before managed to exit to North-South highway. Again, traffic jam waiting for us. We were stranded until 9.00pm before we finally reached Glory Beach Resort , Port Dickson. My boss and her family were there earlier by few hours were busy setting up the BBQ. We came right on time, the food was ready and we were very hungry. The weather was fine and light breezy. We ate and chatted till midnight before heading towards our 3 bedroom apartment. My boss was upset because there was no cooking facility for she plan to cook own breakfast for next morning. I slept at 2am and woke up at 8.00am (I thought I set my alarm at 7am to watch the sun rise). The weather was great, just after the rain which I hardly realized at all. After breakfast of bread and leftover BBQ, we went to the beach. After few minutes at the beach (it wasn’t fun because ‘air surut’), we headed towards the swimming pool. I heard someone said that Glory Beach Resort claimed to have the longest swimming pool in Port Dickson. Even though security guard can be seen standing not far from the pool. but most guest wouldn’t bother them. Most jumped into the pool with a short and t-shirt. I had my t-shirt and white tracksuit. Weee..I just loved swimming pool. We were swimming and playing swim and catch when suddenly almost everyone get off from the pool. I asked my boss what’s wrong and her husband said a small boy had ‘pupu’ in the pool. Yuckkk!!! Luckily I already feel bored and was about to walk out from the pool. After showering ourselves, we headed to our room and packed up. Then, my boss brought out the birthday cake and everyone sang out loud. It’s her son’s third birthday. We quickly finished off the cakes and took our stuff to the basement and checked out. Late check out means panelty.

We plan to stopped by at Teluk Kemang for lunch but the road and the place was extremely crowded with happy Malaysians and ended up having lunch at Blue Lagoon. I was surprised to see a National Service camp near Blue Lagoon. I wonder what happened to those monkeys that has been living in the bushes near UDA Holdings banglo where our family used to stay when we came to PD. The weather was warm and luckily there’s one tree left for us to shade under it. The guys had second swimming and this time they tried the jet ski and kayak. I was not bothered to do kayaking as I’ve been doing it since I was small. I would like to try the jet ski and banana boat ride but my budget for this holiday is quite limited. Save it for the next trip. I managed to take a quick nap while the guys enjoying themselves. We departed from Blue lagoon at 5pm and drove towards Pedas, Negeri Sembilan. One of our colleague’s kampung is there and her family invited us over for dinner. What a nice and clean kampung. I really enjoyed touring around her house.

At 9pm, all of us (3 cars) thanked the family for the delicious masak lomak cili api and other variety food. We headed back to KL and arrived home at 10.40pm.

Banana Boat Ride

After a nice corner baring

Birthday Boy







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