Final exam….again!!

Again, the usual end of semester stuff arrive with big smile. Here I am, stuck in the room in front of the laptop trying very hard to study even though I spend 2/3 of my precious one hour with clicking at websites or YM. Is there any university out there without an exam? I would prefer course work and projects rather than sitting in the silent-like-death exam room answering the questions. This semester is an enjoying semester. For the first time, I managed to complete a website all by myself with the form, javascripts and upload it to Geocities (check out

Ohh..can’t wait too look forward for the end of week long holiday. I’ll be off from Saturday til Wednesday (extra one day given by our boss). All of us will be heading toward PD to celebrate boss jr (boss’s son). It will be BBQ, swimming and sleeping. Ahh.what a good activity after the first half of final exam (the second half comes after the long holiday, only one big deal!) Hmm….I plan to do kayaking. It’s been years since the last time I did kayak.

okay, this blog will be freeze for a week till after the holiday (unless I have time to write anything here). Till then….adios.






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