The meaning of The Truman Show

Last night TV3 aired one of Jim Carrey’s film which hitted the cinemas around the world in 1998. Last night was not the first time I watched The Truman Show but I was still eager to watch it again. At 10pm, I stook still in front of the television until midnight.

It does look cruel with what had happened to Truman since he was born. Being watched every single move by audiences around the world 24/7 non-stop for 30 years from his first word, to his first step, first day at school until first kiss…..all are viewed by billions of people across the world. It sure is sick. But to watch Truman’s face when he knew that his world is a fake world is really touchy. How do u feel if you are in his shoe? Of course it sounds absurd and impossible but somehow, there’s a message in the whole 2 hours movie. Somebody is watching us. Number one, definitely God has been watching us since we were created and we will be watched until we leave this world and transported to the other world. But somehow, the movie is trying to reveal more than that to audience.

So, I tried to search the internet and found this fantastic article. The Meaning of The Truman Show






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