<font color="#FFFF00"></p> <h3>Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur</h3> <p></font>Last Sunday, I went to KL Bird Park with my friend. The last time I visited the park it was several years ago and I was surprised that the entrance fee is quite expensive, RM 12 for each adult (Cuti-Cuti Malaysia promotion price) and the actual price is RM25. Maybe the fee to maintain is too high that force the management to charge such price. But, if you haven’t seen the place I would say RM 12 is really worth. It’s a huge park with lots of birds to see. Most of it are allowed to wonder freely in the park and some are quite tame.

At the park entrance, the tiung bird will greet you with a ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ wishes. I jokingly tried to teach them to say ‘Yo, wassup’ and forced them to read Sifir 4!! Muahahaha….We started our journey at about 2pm and completed the whole park 2 hours later with an exciting bird entertainment. Warning: Bring plenty of mineral and isotonic drinks. Drinks and foods that are sold in the park are very expensive. A can of 100 Plus and one mineral bottle water cost me RM 5!

During the bird show, several parrots showed their expertise in mathematic skills where the instructor will showed the bird numbers using his fingers and the bird will knock the bell according to the sum of the numbers given. But the bird can’t calculate more than 10. Then two orang utans performed after the bird show. Right after the show, heavy rains poured and we have to sheltered in a cave nearby. At 5pm, we left the place. One nice place and I took about 200 photos of birds and animals during the tour. Check out my Fotopages.

One afro bird….very brave dude.

Nice, golden hair. I bet he use rebonding technique.

This bird can be hired to give you a wake-up call

The guy will hide a dice under one of that silver cup and moves it around and see whether the bird can identify the correct cup that hides the dice

Are you sure? Nak guna talian hayat?

What the heck. I’ve been doing this every week. Lame trick…duh

Oii…oii..what are you looking at? Ada hutang ka???

I hate manual car.

Sapa yang cabut bateri kete nie hah? Dengki lah tuuu….jaki tengok orang nak gi dating.

Handphone in the nest? Burung spesis baru ke nih???

Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur.






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