What’s your favourite game?Do you play video games or computer games? If you do, I’m sure you have a selection of your favourite ones. I once addicted with the old video game, Contra which took away most of my free time. My parent was really strict about video games and we do not have any game machine in our house until now except computer. I remember I bought my first tetris handheld through a friend who got it at ‘pasar malam’ when I was in first year at UTM and man, I was so excited coz at last I have my own handheld game!!
Here’s the pic of my favourite video game and I did completed to the final level few times. Heck, since I don’t have a video game at home, I played at my neighbour’s house.

Super Contra

Besides that, Super Mario was also my all-time favourite but since it took so long to complete the whole game, I remembered I only completed it once. The final victory is when we save the princess.

When I first started to work as computer tutor, I found an old game which attracts me. It is called Simtown. The kid version of Simcity. I played it almost everyday, monitoring the growth of my town and finally managed to get the award for The Best Town in The World. When I quit from the job and joined Futurekids, I couldn’t found the game anywhere and almost forgot about it until recently I accidentlly saw it in a website and downloaded it. Now, I’m in the midst of building my own town and just grab the award for The Best Town of Year. I still have 24 months more to go before getting rewarded for The Best Town in the world.

If you like this kind of game where you have to plan your own town or city, try Beach Life. It’s fun and err…addicting. Don’t blame me if you get hooked with it and it’s more suitable for 18 years and above due to certain uncensored scene throughout the game 🙂

when you are tired with managing the island and ran out of money, cheat code does come in handy….click here to find the cheat code.

Okay dude, i’m off to my Simtown. Adios…..






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