wassupp!! Weekend appear and go. I wish it will stay forever..tee..hee..hee..so, any good activity? Me as usual spent my weekend at the campus. Class loh, what else? Final exam will be here really soon. After class,I dropped by at the Smart Kids Fair in PWTC. It was crowded with kids. I stopped by at the Lego booth which display the new Lego Mindstorm: Robotics Invention Systems 2.0 which enable user to build robots that can be controlled using computer command. The previous version, the robot can only moves at limited distance but now, it can move further because it has infrra-red sensor. Cool, as cool as its price. The price tag showed nearly RM 1K! Pheww..that’s a lot for a toy. I wish to get one for our Futurekids center for computer camp programs.

okay..okay…I know I’m too old to play around with Lego but I just love this toy since I was small. There were also several sets of Harry Potter’s Lego set available…:p

Yesterday was a play-all-day. My friend and I had 4 rounds of bowling at Ampang Point. Yahoo..for the first time I hitted above 100 points. I should play more often to obtain better skills and techniques. Then we headed to Pizza Hut for a nice warm lunch during the heavy rain. After a quick shopping at Carrefour to get the good bargain of a set of Carlton badminton racquet with free bag for the price of RM 39.90, we headed straight to Titiwangsa Lake and had an hour of fun game and plenty of sweat. Really nice weather for a good game. We’ll be there again this evening, I hope if the rain stops before 5pm….

oh, by the way….if you have the interest for arts, please drop by at the Galeri Petronas which is located in KLCC is having an exhibition on ‘Wadah – A Solo Work Exhibition by Md Sani Md Dom. I’m not an art ethusiast but I find this exhibition is quite fascinating especially his oil painting collections. As a person who was born and raised in city centre, having this opportunity to view ‘kampung’ lifestyle and environment is something that shouldn’t be missed out. Check it out at Galeri Petronas, KLCC. Here’s one of his fine artwork:

From 9th of April – 11th of April, Istana Budaya will be showing The Death of A Scarecrow. For theater fans, this could be a good show judging by the review written by Istana Budaya:

The most travelled physical theatre production in the world, Death of a Scarecrow has been seen in over 70 countries. Consisting of eleven highly dramatic, poetic and comical episodes, this unforgettable presentation has as its principal theme the defencelessness of mankind in a world calculated cruelty. Death of a Scarecrow is accompanied by a stunning collage of music, from rock to classical, then augmented by fragmented voices and sound effects. It stars both the legendary mime artist Adam Darius, described by the BBC World Service in London as “one of the most exceptional talents of the 20th century,” and the electrifying Kazimir Kolesnik, praised by the Jordan Times as “an international theatre giant.”

I may not be going to Istana Budaya to watch this, but I plan to watch the coming show of Puteri Hang Li Po which will starts on 22nd of April. If you haven’t check out Istana Budaya, you should try at least once. It’s a spectacular place. I’ve seen Merdeka..Merdeka…Merdeka, Tengku Anum and Alang Rentak Seribu. Really great shows….

oppss..it’s 8 am, I should sign out now…..have a great day!!






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