Menara KL and F1 at KLCC

I had a very busy weekend. After the last exam paper on saturday, I dashed back to KL and went to Alpha Angle. There was a nice sale going on. I bought a Suave shirt for myself. Then, I dropped by at the office to picked up my friend and we went for dinner at my favourite restaurant, Damai Selera at Danau Kota, Setapak. After a nice meal, I wanted to release my tension after a week of full blast stress. I drove to Damansara through the new Penchala Highway. It’s a nice ride at night…especially because it’s free. We went to Ikea and I plan to visit the new Harvey Norman store. I thought I went into the right car park entrance when I realize that it’s the Ikea basement. Duhh….nevermind. The last time I visited Ikea was last year. My friend and I brisk through the store from one department to another looking at the artistic and creative way of designing a house and the furnitures are quite expensive. But it suits the look. We discuss on the design and how some of the design doesn’t seems applicable to Malay family house.

After a nice tour around Ikea, we started to leave the place. I went to the parking fee machine to pay the fee. There’s a lady voice instructing me what to do and I jokingly pretend talking to the voice about the coming election. My friend was laughing out loud and another customer behind us looked at me furiously. When we exit from the building and I was kind of angry to see the Harvey Norman’s signage on the Ikea building. Then I read in newspaper that actually both stores are in the same building. But I just couldn’t find the entrance and there was no signboard saying how to go to Harvey Norman. Duhh….

That night was the first time I had a phone chat with my friend from 12 midnight till 6am. We were discussing bout some serious matters. I was exhausted and later woke up at 10 am and quickly dressed up to meet my best buddy. We went to Times Square and had a nice long chat at Chicken Hertz. Later, we went to the Cosmic where the amusement park is situated. It wasn’t as packed as the first time I visited the place but the fee to enter the amusement area has increased to RM25 per adult. We went to the arcade. During the exam week suddenly I had gone crazy over the old Virtua Cop game and I went mad searching the entire internet to find the game. Thanks to LimeWire, I found the game and downloaded it. The game machine is also available at the Times Square arcade and I had so much fun playing it until I didn’t realize that I already spend RM 5 at the arcade!!

On Monday, we continued our adventure to Menara KL. We bought the tickets during the Real Rewards carnival which was held at Times Square. I also bought two tickets to PetroSainsPetrosains in K which was cheaper with triple points during the RR Carnival. Since the first days its open, I haven’t had the chance to step into it. I heard it’s a fabulous place with plenty of science stuff. Anyway, I brought along my camera to Menara KL and took plenty of pictures from the overview deck. There are also several telescope available for free (last time they use to charge RM 1 to use it) and it’s fo much fun to be able to see people walking on the street and I even saw people relaxing in their apartment and condos. Not to be missed, people having fun at swimming pool. I counted there are about 8-10 roof top swimming pool around KL and most of it belongs to hotels. Oh ya, I even found an abandoned christmas tree on a roof top. I’m sure the tree will be back at its place when the next Christmas arrive!!

After 2 hours at Menara KL, we went to KLCC to watched Buli, Afdlin Shauki’s first film directed by himself. I believe everyone should go and watch it. It’s not a typical malay movie but a really different and hillarious movie. I laughed non stop through out the movie and even nearly shed a tear at some scene. Watching Buli is like reading Ujang magazine. Especially during the part where Jeslina Hashim was blamed for sketching on his father’s face (Hattan) using coil…(to picture the pepatah of ‘menconteng arang ke muka’). I nearly forgot that I was watching at cinema, not at home. It’s the movie of 2004, much better than all those Erra-Yusry movies or even Apek’s movie. And I have to admit that Nasha Aziz really looks so beautiful in this film. She looks so calm and she acted with all her heart. She doesn’t look extremely sexy as she used to be but still georgeous. By the way, in this film Nasha acted as Dr Ika, a psychiatrist who treated Nordin (Afdlin Shauki) who had problem with self-esteem.

Before we went to TGV, we dropped by at Kinokuniya Book Store and stroll for an hour. I picked a book written by Marina Mahathir called In Liberal Doses and read through 2 chapters. I find the book is an interesting book. It’s about how she view malaysia culture and about her life. That will be in my next book list. I already purchased The Chinese Dilemma and currently reading through it.

After a nice 2 hours movie, we went to see the F1 Sauber Petronas car. Took some pictures and went home. I was exhausted but happy. Next activity: Petrosains and National Museum.

Currently Listening To: Warna Kehidupan – Yusry
Currently Reading: The Chinese Dilemma
Next book to grab: In Liberal Doses
Next place to visit:Petrosains and National Museum
In Liberal Doses

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Convent Bukit Nanas ground Menara Maybank St John's students were on marching practise can be seen clearly from top of Menara KL
Sheraton Hotel's roof top swimming pool also can be seen clearly from 200 metre above the ground

Sultan Abdul Samad clock tower KLCC Tower looks so near
Spooky looking Pudu Prison, the oldest prison in Malaysia Close up of Times Square Dude, that's my car!!






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