Exam fever!

Duh…..it’s the exam week again. The exams for this semester really took away most of my annual off days. Imagine I have to travel from Hulu Klang – Kelana Jaya for five days in a row to attend the mid term exam which consists of one paper each day!!! Arghhh……why can’t they compressed all the papers in 3 days only? But anyway, I do enjoyed the one week of holiday. But I missed my students and my office very much 🙁 Can’t wait to be back to office next week 🙂

Latest news? Hmm….it’s still the election fever and campaign. The list of candidates are already announced but I couldn’t find the person who will compete for my district. Did I misreading it? No, I don’t think so……

Recently, The Star launched its first e-paper which will be free for the net 3 months (probation period). Check it out by clicking at the logo below but I still prefer the actual paper where I can cut and keep any interesting articles for my future reference. Currently I have a stack of articles and small bits of newspapers all over my room. I will have to keep it in a file before my mom saw it and throw it away thinking it’s just another trash!!

My exam will be over tomorrow. Hmm…what to do during the weekend? There will be too many activity held in KL this week. There will be:

  1. A Girls’ Day Out by the well-known tv program called 3R at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Click here for event details
  2. Matta International Travel Fair at PWTCr – For those who loves to travel, this fair is a must for your can get special rates for accomodation, transportation fare and etc
  3. Fotokem Photofest is a must for camera lovers. Hmm….this should be interesting. I wish I have enough money to buy that professional look alike Fuji Finepix s5000
  4. The 14th Malaysian Education Fair will be held this weekend at Mid Valley.
  5. Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian will definitely attracts many local music and movie lovers to watch the event live on TV and Radio. I will also try not to miss it. Not because I supports the industry but I’d love to see Ogy and Salleh Yaakob hosting the program. I heard their interview recently at Radio Era and both of them totally funky!! I bet it will be a cheerful event

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