Lat’s Cartoon Exhibition & Pet Expo

hello….I know I’ve been busy lately but to missed such great exhibition and expo is totally a waste. Lat has been my favourite cartoonist since I was a kid. I love reading his collection of Kampung Boy: Yesterday and Today. Thanks to Lat, I don’t have to live in a kampung to get to know all sort of kampung wat of life. The toys they use to play, the daily activities and etc. For those who have been living in town or city since day 1, you should get his book. You will love it and learn a lot.

The exhibition has been in Balai Seni Lukis Negara for weeks and today is the last day. It was the first time I visit the place. When it was still in the old building at Jalan Hishammuddin ( I went there when I was in Form 3 to write a report on the historical building), it was kind of spooky. I had a chance to use the old style of elevator (the one where yoy have to pull open the door and push it back). But now the new building which stood proudly at Jalan Tun Razak is a very unique piece of architecture. The roof itself is a one fine art and don’t be surprise. They even had some drawing on the parking lot (on the road) which makes me think whether it is drawn legally or by some prank vandalisme kids.

Anyway, after the exhibition and having good time laughing over his cartoon, my friend and I went to Mid Valley. We arrived there at 6.20pm and had enough time to wonder around the Pet Expo which was in Mid Valley Expo Centre for the past 3 days. A fee of RM 8 for each adult will allow you to see all kind of animals, pets and exotic one. I even had this opportunity to touch the body of a snake (ular sawa). It’s so cool. Check out the photos at my fotopages. It’s already late in the evening and most of the cats and dogs are already tired. Some of the cats even gave a nasty look. Their face looks as if it has been smacked real hard on the face…funny.

After the show, I had a quick dinner at the food court which was crowded with hungry people and went home at 8.30pm. I don’t prefer loafing around Mid Valley. I don’t envy the place. It’s too crowded and too big.

Please visit my fotopages and enjoy the photos 🙂

Me at the rabbit den
Me and some wabbits

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