Harry Potter is on the way

Hi…..still envy Harry Potter? Ask me and I’ll say yes. I still read the books over and over again. Can’t wait to watch the next HP movie which will commence in June 2004.

I read in TechTV about a group of starwars hardcore who were the first person (on earth?) to line up at San Francisco cinema in April 7, 1999 to watch Star Wars Episode 1:Phantom of Menace. George Lucas should reward this hardcore fan for being there for 42 days day and night, sunny or rainy just to show their support for this movie. They call themselves Starwoids

After reading the article, I visit Harry Potter’s website and was grateful to know that The Prisoner’s of Azkaban will be in cinema in June 2004. That will be about 4 months from now. Anyone dare to camp in front of TGV KLCC to be the first in Malaysia to watch The Prisoners of Azkaban? hahahaha….
Anyway, for my HP friends watch the trailer of the latest Potter movie at Azkaban’s Website. I can’t wait to see the first appearance of Harry’s uncle…Sirius Black. I believe this is the last movie of HP where we will be able to see Sir Richard acting as Professor Dumbledore. Ahoy, Harry Potter’s fan…..:)

Prisoner of Azkaban






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