Election Fever

Sorry dudes, been away so long from here. As usual, boring excuses. Office works and study. When will this ever end? Having running own business requires extra attention from me. Luckily I had changed course in Unitar from Bachelor in IT to Bachelor in IS which should be slightly lighter. No more programming.

The election will be here soon. I already sign up as the voter. Have you guys did the same? I can’t wait to poll for the first time. I’m not sure at your place, but in KL looks quite slow. Not much banners are up/ Maybe the election fever will be here soon. But this time it’s quite different. COmpared to previous elections campaign, whenever the election will be held the road work will be so smooth. You will see plenty of work repair is done. That’s a sign that election will appear. But this time, it’s quite slow. I’ve seen few road repairs here and there but not as active during previous election. Is this a sign of confidence? We’ll see……






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