Happy Eiduladha

This year’s eiduladha is not going to be the same as previous years because celebrating it without our parent around is kind of boring and dull. I bet they are enjoying themselves now in Mecca performing the haj. Too bad I had bit of fever and headache since last night, only to found out that I only woke up this morning at 11am. Urgghh…feels like a huge stone on my height. I heard laughing and giggles at the dining room. My aunt and my other siblings are enjoying the feast of rendang, kuah kacang and nasi impit in front of the tv. Nobody came to our house except my uncle and his family. It is usual for us not to visit and receive visitors during Eiduladha because we don’t really celebrate it except if any of us are doing the ‘qurban’. Maybe it’s because since our kampung house were demolished to giveway to the new house which will be build soon, the mood of celebrating it is not the same. I treat today just like any other weekend. It’s quite funny and weird listening to friends saying about them making new clothes and visiting relative’s houses. Sounds like Eidulfitri to me. Maybe because the length of time between Eidulfitri and Eiduladha is kind of short, the mood of celebrating it still there. Maybe if I am staying in kampung or any other place besides KL, the celebration could be merrier.

Thank God the idiot box (tv) shown some good stuff. Linkin Park concert was on TV8. Cool. Now I know why my sis went mad with this group. They are pretty good. Almost forgot that I use one of their song’s title as my blog name…hahahaha……

p/s: The Sony handycam is still available. Hurry up while stock last 🙂

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