It’s a hard day night

It’s been a hard day night, and I’ve been working like a dog

it’s been a hard day night, and I wish I can sleep like a log

My body is aching, I am extremy tired but my eyes won’t closed. The house is kind of quiet and empty. Both my parent went to Mecca last Monday to perform Haj. We really missed them especially my mom waking us up in the morning and her nag (shishh…can’t believe that I actually missed those noise). Anyway, now I am in-chaged of this place. Got a list of task from dad before they departed. I just hate watering plants. 🙁

Have u ever feel mixed-up? U know that u are not in the good mood. I had such a weird feeling. I thought that’s because I missed my parent (We’ve never been away so far for such a long time) but then I just know it’s not because of that. It feels like the ocean, when the heat wave collide with the cool wave, tsunami occured. I feel like I want to vomit when thinking about it. And I’ve never hated someone so bad like what I feel like know. The worst part, I accidentally met her at the supermarket and suddenly my feet wobbled and I feel shaky. Macam gunung berapi nak meletup. I hate to trust what those people says about it but I have to face the fact that it is true. But I just can’t accept it and try to pretend that that doesn’t come from her. My brain says the truth and my heart tries to lie to comfort myself. Arghhhhhh………

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