Just Another Sunday Afternoon.

boring..boring. nothing much to do. with the hot weather and sunshine so bright, I hate to be away from my laptop, my room and my bed. Yesterday was hectic. We had a kenduri doa selamat at our house, the 2nd kenduri hosted at our own home in 20 years in time. Surprise? better believe it. My dad doesn’t like the idea of having kenduri at our home and he doesn’t like the idea that organizing a kenduri at KL only means that we will only be able to invite middle and upper class people. He prefers to donate to really needy people. Kenduri started after Zohor and the last guest left at midnight. Luckily we catered all the food and the tent. Or else I bet my bones will fall into pieces.

Today, rest time. It’s kind of weird to be at home on weekend when most of my sunday I will spent outside. Hoorayy…the new semester will be open next week Can’t wait to go back to school. My 7th semester in Unitar. Hmm…what should I read today to occupy my time? Or should I watch the new Gosok 2 VCD?

Currently reading: Cash, Customers and Ads that sell… by Bradley J. Sugars
Currently listening to: Like A Stone – Audioslave

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