A less than 24 hours trip to Bagan Lalang

As I had mentioned earlier, I really need a break from work. So, I decided to visit Bagan Lalang which is located in Sepang, Selangor. It took me 2 hours to drive at the speed of 90km/h to reached Hotel Seri Malaysia. Actually it took longer than that. I made a wrong turn at a junction after Bandar Salak Tinggi. The weather was beautiful. The sky was clear and it was quite hot. My friend and I went to have a look at the beach before check-in at the hotel.

As I expected, the hotel was deserted due to the end of school holiday. I took a 20 minutes nap before went into the hotel’s swimming pool for about an hour. At 7pm, we went for a nice evening stroll at the beach watching the sunset. What a nice view. The beach wasn’t as pack as I expected but still there were several families having last minute fun before the school opens.
Sunset at Bagan Lalang

After Maghrib, we went to the nearest seafood restaurant which is built in water. Later, we went again to the beach for a nice and quiet stroll. I brought along a torch light and walked along the beach. It was calm and quiet, there was no wind at all. Air surut. At 1 am we left the place and went back to our room. After breakfast on the next morning, we went to the beach again. Bagan Lalang is not a place that offer plenty of entertainment and interesting activities besides the seafood and beaches. But I just love to sat on the warm sand looking at the sea while hearing the roaring sound of aeroplane took of from the nearby KLIA. It was really peace of mind, exactly what I am looking for. This is the time where I would look back to my past 365 days of life, reviewing my activities, my thoughts and only I can start to plan for the next coming 365 days in 2004.

We checked out at 12 noon and arrived KL in one and a half hour later. I was tired for I was the only one who drives but I really enjoyed myself and I am glad that I managed to ran away from the hectic city for a while, less than 24 hours. But now I am fully recharge and ready to get back to work.

Last minute fun before the school open

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