Hi guys and gurls…how’s your weekend?

I was at PC Fair yesterday. I was supposed to be there in the morning and attended KRU’s open house in the evening but then plans changed and I had to missed the open house. Bummer!!

Anyway, as usual PC Fair is always hectic on the last day. I was with my cousin and my uncle. My uncle bought a NEC laptop for my aunty and the latest juicy O2 XDA II PDA for himself. Wish I could get one for myself. After they went home, I venture through the place alone looking for stuff for my office and myself. One thing I will never forget to buy during PC Fair is compatible catridges. It’s cheaper compare to ordinary days at the shop. Usually I will spend about RM 300 for catridges and I will have enough stock for the office until the next PC Fair arrives. Then I bought a cute optical mouse where it have blue and red lights flashing around it when I am using it. Bought a 4 port USB hub for my laptop. 2 USB are not enough for my need.

Then, towards the last hours the sellers started to shout and bargain lower price. I bought 50 pieces of CD-R at the price of 50 cent each. I wanted to get the ADSL+Router modem, damn cheap but I didn’t bring enough money. So does the wi-fi card. But since I have streamyx at home, I don’t think I will spend much time at Unitar where I need to use wireless network. That will save some of my money.

Hari nie nak gi Mines. Lama tak kesana. Last skali ada le 3 tahun lepas. Nak gi tengok wayang citer Haunted Mansion. Asik KLCC aje jemu le pulak. Mujur hari nie cuti, sure tak ramai manusia kat sana….bleh lepak relaks sket. sok nak keje dah…..

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