Raya in Penang – Day 1 and 2

Last year kat Perlis and Kedah. This time, Penang. We stayed at resthouse belongs to Penang prison. My uncle works there. Raya kali nie best coz ada handycam, apalagi..shoot sakan.

Activities – Day 1:

* Depart from KL at 1.00pm. Luckily we heard about the land slide or else we will be stucked at the road too.

* Arrived Penang at 8.00pm. We stopped at several R&R and it was raining. So, we had to slowed down.

* Dinner served at the resthouse. Nasi Beriyani and ayam golek, specially made by my aunt and uncle.

Activities – Day 2:

* Early morning we went to Penang museum. A place we will never missed to visit whenever we goes to any town. The best part, reading the last will of Francis Light

* Next, Botanical Garden (kebun bunga). Actual plan was Bukit Bendera but too many people. So, we change our plan. I bought two cute cactus as souvenier.

* Dinner: Sany Char Kuey Teow at Sg Dua, near USM. Fuhh..too good. Must try. I had two plates :p

* Gurney drive. Just hang out and lepark. Before that we went to Gurney Plaza. Found a pair of purple Reebok, damn cheap. RM 19.90 but too bad, no size for me. Duh!!

Continue tomorrow with day 3 and 4 activities. Pictures will be up soon…






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