An inside overview of my PocketPC PDA

just want to put this posting here as a reference for those who are looking for some info on PDA especially PocketPC.

This is my Compaq Ipaq model H3850. I bought it at 2nd hand price but it was brand new in September 2002, complete set with warranty till August 2003. Can u see Nemo? I used Nemo as my theme (wallpaper). It is running on Windows CE 2002’s operating system. The latest one is WinCE 2003.


That’s the start menu. The list of program available on my Ipaq. I wish I could install more but 64MB memory limits me. But I can add external SD card to increase the space.


Again, the list of programs available. Most of it comes in the cd given when you purchased the Ipaq. But softwares like Adobe Acrobat Reader for (mobile version) and many more fantastic softwares for PPC can be downloaded as freeware or shareware.


Okay, here’s the list of Word document that I have in my PPC. See, most of it are my John Grisham’s e-book and I downloaded it for free (thanks to the kind person out there). I’ve been reading his writing for the past 2 weeks. You can see the name of the document on the left, the date last open in the middle and the size of the document on the most right.


This is what’s it looks like on a new fresh word document. At the bottom where u can see ABC abc and 123 is where you scribble the things that you want to type. Those arrows and stuff on the right side is the tools for symbols, Enter, space bar, Backspace, left and right arrow.


These are the 4 options for writing on the PPC surface. Block Recognizer is a choice where you just scribble on the appropriate space at the bottom and it will appear as if you are typing using a keyboard on the document.


This is the keyboard where you just tapped on the letters with your stylus (the pen for PDA.)


Only use stylus on PDA or you will scratch the surface if u use other things but sometimes I just use my finger to tap ๐Ÿ˜€ )


Sometimes it’s fun to use the transcriber to write. It recognize most of my writing (as long as you don’t write as if you are a doctor). If I’m not mistaken, you can ‘train’ the PPC to memorize your way of writing.


Most of the time, I much prefer using this option called Letter Recognizer. You need some times to practise using it. It have 3 sections, the capital letters which is ABC, the small capital which is ‘abc’ and numeric. The stroke for L and I are different to. If you swing your styles up to down, it will create an ‘L’ for you and you need to swing it down to top to create an ‘I’. Practise makes perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is the formatting tool available in Word. You can basically edit your text like what you do in a Microsoft Word on your desktop.


This is one of John Grisham’s e-book. It’s easy to read on PPC and very handy too. Especially while waiting for bus or on the LRT train. Rather than staring at people’s face, I much prefer spend the time reads using my PPC.

Additional info. This is Pocket Excel (I forgot, in Windows CE, Microsoft Word is knows as Pocket Word while Microsoft Excel is known as Pocket Excel. I heard in Windows CE 2003 there is Pocket Point for MS Powerpoint.)


This is the Media Player for you to play mp3 on your PPC. But I seldom using it because I don’t store my mp3 files in my PPC. The files takes plenty of space and my PPC will be as slow as a snail.


This is the main reason why I need a PDA. Calendar. Helps me to organize my daily work and study. It reminds me what to do and even rings to reminds me of stuff that I need to do or attend. My daily life depends on this.


This is the most important accessory to syncronize my PPC with my laptop so that all my files and appointments and contacts are kept and backed up in my laptop in case something happen to my PPC. It is called cradle. You can sync(hubungkan) your PPC to laptop or pc either using USB or serial. Both are provided.


This is how it’s looks like when my PPC sits on its cradle (rock a by baby on the tree top…doesn’t look like the cradle where most babies sits in ๐Ÿ˜› ). I knows a person who used PhonePC and he claimed the cradle isn’t as nice as a PPC’s cradle.


This are the accesorries that you’ll get when purchasing a PPC. 2 stylus for you to scribble on the PPC, a cradle, a hardcover, a charger and cd installer. There are plenty of additional accessories out there to add in. My Ipaq has a special additional layer on its surface so that it won’t get scratched easily.

So, basically that’s the info about PDA specially focused on PocketPC Ipaq. There are plenty of websites on PDA information out there. Spend some times on research, list down your needs and see which brand and models suits your need and most important, suits your budget. If you are looking for a 2nd hand PDA, I highly suggest Classified where I found my PPC besides Forum Jual Beli IT Tutor and of course, not to forget

Good luck on the journey of finding the right PDA for you. Oh yes, before I forget PPC uses Activesync 3.5 to sync the PPC to laptop and PPC is not the only type of PDA available on the market. Check out Palm too, I heard there are several great Palm models in the market at affordable price. Bear in mind, Palm doesn’t use Windows CE and its operating system. It uses Palm OS where you will not find Pocket Word and Excel available in it. But I bet they provide alternative software for wordprocessing and spreadsheet.

Compaq should pay me for promoting this ๐Ÿ˜›






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