Hey, the paycheque is here. what should I get for myself after paying all the bills and debts? Hmm…new book I guess. I read in The Star yesterday about the book that hitted no 1 in the MPH top ten list.

Chin Peng : My side of History at the price of RM 70. Hmm…I read a lot of reviews about this book. Maybe I should get a copy for myself. See what he says about himself and his ideas of wars.

Or maybe, the book that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. The Rich Dad Poor Dad. Lately I feel like I want to spend some times on motivational books like Chicken Soup for the soul, Who Moved my cheese and etc..etc..etc…but heck, there are plenty of such kind of books in the market. Which one should I start with? I need something that can boost my critical way of thinking. Maybe something to recharge my esteem or fuel up my motivation to work and strive for the best. Any suggestion?






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