An Evening in Time Square

Yesterday morning was not a good one for me. I had a bad headache, been working hard on finishing the semester project which due today and thank god I just need to send it to the shop for binding and done.

After 5pm, Wana and I had decided to go somewhere just for a walk and food before the fasting month begin. After thinking and deciding, we choose Time Square since both of us haven’t been there since the first day opening. I parked my car at Putra Setiawangsa, shoved my handycam bag with me and move towards the station and bought 2 tickets to KL Sentral.

From KL Sentral, we walked towards the Monorail and bought two tickets to Imbi station. That was the first time I had a ride on Monorail and I must agree with my aunty, the ride is a bot scary. The monorail itself is very cosy. The aircond was really chillin’ and the seats are comfortable. But the ride was bumpy and it felt like you are on a roller coaster coz sometimes it bent to the left and right. The ride took us bout 10 minutes or more to reach Imbi. Wana had troubled at the exit and I had to called the security personnel to check the machine. The card was stuck inside.

The first shop that you will see when walking through the tunnel into Time Square is the Soxworld. We tried to climb to the highest floor, which is the 17th floor according to the information counter but only up to 8th floor are open to public. The 8th floor is empty and only loving couple can be seen seating at the benches along the corridor. We went down to 7th floor and started out walkathon from one shop to another. Most of the shops are still vacant and under construction. Nothing much can be seen. I saw Levi’s and Polker dots shop (what a name!).

We kept on walking and arrived at a very nice shop. It’s a gift shop. Don’t forget to buy this weird bottles where you can find green and red pepper nicely filled and arranged in it. Very unique.

At the 5th floor (I think), we can hear loud sounds and people screaming. We quickly walk towards it. Walla….it’s the theme park. Wow….it is huge. An in-house theme park. Roller coaster’s rails all over the place and some are just above your head. Kids rides, lots of people, screams and laughter….the words that can describe this place,

I dunno what actually happened during this time but somehow I can see a girl been helped out of the coaster. Some guys looks ills and people were stopping by at the scene to have a closer look a it. I heard some whisper about the machine were stuck there. Dunno how true it is and a girl in yellow shirt cried when the staff helped her on her feet. Pheww…that machine definitey more crazier than the one in Genting. Here’s some photos of it.

Dexter is here too…

I don’t think kids will find this a friendly face…..

A lounge in a mall?

My stomach started to make sounds and we headed towards the food level, which is the 4th level. MacD, Kenny Rogers, Sushi..that’s all I can see. Oh yes, also Long John Silver, Kyros Kebab and The Chicken Rice Shop. We choose Chicken Herts, all you can eat. Yahoo…since Monday is the fasting day better eat as much as you can. muahahahaha….We had dinner till 9pm. The food is great, just like the outlet in Malacca and Sunway Pyramid. But beware, do not be surprised if you feel your table shaking and the floor seems rocking coz that’s what we felt while having our food. The roller coaster created that..the roaring sound can be heard clearly. It makes us felt a bit dizzy. Not a nice plave to enjoyed the food and definitely not a place for a nice, peaceful and quiet dinner.

Whoopps…it’s 9.30pm. Damn. The monorail had stopped its service. I just don’t understand why. Long list of people waiting for the taxi can be seen outside Time Square. After thinking and discussing, we decided to walk towards KLCC which is the nearest to Bukit Bintang to catch the LRT headed Setiawangsa. It’s tiring but fun. We walked and talked and we can see what the ‘heaven’ to some people looks like. I am talking about The Beach, Modestos and several night crawler places for nice drinks (nice?) and music and not to forget, hot babes (phew….). It took us 20 minutes to arrived at KLCC.

I don’t believe my eyes. KLCC was deserted at 10pm. Not many people at the park, not much in the building itself and the LRT station looks empty. Was there any special event elsewhere in KL? kind of weird though. I thought KLCC is the building that never sleeps (haha…that reminds me of LA or NY, the city that never sleep.)

We arrived Setiawangsa at about 10.30pm and I only reached home at exactly 11 after sending Wana home. Quickly bathed and doozed off…..zzzzzz……..what a day.

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