Worse experience with Maybank service

I went to Petronas in Setapak Permai (near F A Fatimah restaurant) and use the cash deposit machine to deposit some money to my saving account. I’ve been using the machine plenty of time and using the menu is not a problem at all to me.

As usual, after inserting the cash, I wait for the receipt to pop out but instead, the machine’s screen view a message that the machine is out of service. I was really panicked. This has never happened to me before. I called the maybank2u hotline and make a report. Then on the next morning, I went to Maybank Setiawangsa and made a written report. Maybank promised that it should be settled in 7 days.

I waited patiently for phone calls and feedback from the complaints that I made via the website. None till yesterday I checked my account and found out that they already deposited the money.

I wonder whether their staff actually check all the complaints or compliments made via web. If not, in that case complaints via newspaper is much more reliable. The petronas owner also claimed that such problems happens all the time at the CDM machine in their station.

Since that, I only use CDM at maybank outlet only. 🙁






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