Kindergarten’s concert

Last sunday was a really hectic day. I had to wake up earlier than usual people do on sunday to attend 2 kindergarten’s concert. The first one was quite good, more towards Islamic performance. But the kids were adorable especially in their graduation costum.

At 2pm, I rushed to Auditorium DBKL. Wow, the performance by the kids was tremendeously great. With the costumes and the backdrop, phew….these kids really work hard for the show. The music was great and they even have the traditional music that usually can be heard during university graduation for the 6 years graduation ceremony along with the graduation long costume (jubah). I brought along my handycam and shoot most of the show. My first attempt on video shooting. Once I have my pc back and upgrade the system, I shall start learning on how to edit it. The Star hosted a one day digital video editing workshop on last sunday and I had to missed it. Rugi….

This is during a nasyid performance.

One of my favourite student…

The naughty boy who ddin’t want to leave Carrefour because of this mini playground. My manager’s son.






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