Life’s like that

I had a long conversation with a friend, Obi about Open Source and how it can benefit other people and why there are still kind people out there who are willing to crack their brain out to create such a beautiful application like Open Officeand distribute it freely when they can make big bucks out of it. Thanks Obi for explaining it in great details to me. Now, I understand.

Yesterday I had a mid term exam. It was Pengajian Malaysia. Luckily my lecturer gave us some really nice tips. It took me 45 minutes to answer all questions. I even managed to had a quick lunch 15 minutes before the exam begin. After exam, I went to Shah Alam to meet my best friend. We had a long chat at Giant Shah Alam’s food court. It was interesting to know that the Arab looking guy who used to sell the best Yee Mee in Giant Hulu Klang had moved to Shah Alam. It was irritating to see how he served the customers. We were treated like a beggar (maybe I’m the one who felt that way) and the quality of his Yee Mee has dropped. Too bad, he used to make really tasty and yummy Yee Mee. Maybe we could try to make our own home made Yee Mee. Here’s the link to the receipe of Yee Mee

After that, we went to a mamak restaurant and continue our chat over a glass of teh tarik.

At 9pm, I rushed back to KL to pick up my friend. Send her to my manager’s house. I have to wake up really earlu tomorrow morning to send her to Serdang. She’ll be attending a course for a week. I hope it won’t be raining in the morning or it will be really sucks not to be able to stay long in bed…….

p/s: Tgh download OpenOffice. Nak try best ke tak. Luckily I have a broadband service at home or else, can’t imagine how long will it take to download the whole bulky file.






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