here’s are some links of useful reviews on Sony TRV 355 E (I think I’ve started to hooked at this model)


Hardware Central

A good website for photographer’s hardware need:


This is the tape that is need to record video. Two types of tape: 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

90 Minutes

Digital 8 Metal Particle

60 min in D8 Mode

90 minute LP

Ideal for use with Sony Digital8 Camcorders

High energy metal particles

Depression Surfacing technology

Diagonal orientation for maximized output

Dual Surface base film

Carbonmirror backcoating


Price: RM 59

This one is for 60 minutes

Price: RM 42

Price Source:

Sony Style

Some people claim that these tape can be re-used not more than 3 times. After that, the quality will reduced. Anyone had experience such thing before? How bad is the quality after third time usage?

Hey, I’ve found a good site for those who wants to buy and sells camcoder in Malaysia

Free Trade Zone

A website of photography in Malaysia. Mostly on SLR cameras.

Photography in Malaysia

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