Digicam or Digital Video Cam?

I am in the process of searching and surveying on these two item. Main goal: To capture still picture and be able to made video for personal and work purpose. Budget? RM 1k – RM 2.5K

I’ve been spending time at several stores nearby. Got hooked up at several models and here’s are the two models that fits my budget:

Panasonic NV DS 65 RM 2299


User Friendly Features

800,000-pixel CCD for Excellent Picture Quality

Free Style Remote Controller

Progressive Photoshot

Colour Night View

Built-in LED Video Light

Zoom Microphone

Smart Wind Cut

Super Image Stabilizer

10x Optical Zoom & 500x Digital Zoom

Playback Digital Effects

Networking Features

SD Memory Card Compatible

USB Link

WEB Camera Function

ArcSoft Applications Included

DV IN/OUT & Analogue IN/OUT Terminals

Standard Accessories

8MB SD Memory Card

USB Connection Kit

Free-style remote controller with Mic

AC Adaptor, DC Input Lead and AC Main Lead

Battery Pack (Lithium Ion)

infra-red Remote controller

Lens cap

AV cord

Shoulder strap

Head Cleaning tape


or, I can get Sony TRV 355 E for RM 1899



20x Optical Zoom(variable 2.2 – 44 sec)

700x Digital Zoom

Selection of Digital Zoom Ratio(2 Steps)1: 40x/700x (menu)

Zoom Key Lever

F1.6 – 2.4

Focal Distance: f=2.5 – 50 mm

f (35 mm conversion) 42 – 840 mm

Filter Diameter: 37 mm

Super NightShot™

Colour Slow Shutter


Full Range Auto, Manual Dial

Image Device: 1/6″ 720H Interlace

Number of Pixels:Gross: 460K; Effective: 290K

Minimum Illumination: 4 Lux (0 Lux using NightShot™ Mode)

Auto White Balance

Shutter Speed: 1/4-1/4000(in AE mode)

Auto Shutter

Program AE (menu and dial)6 Modes: Portrait, Beach & Ski,Sports Lesson, Landscape,Spotlight, Sunset & Moon

Auto non-flicker

Exposure Control Dial (24 Steps)

Backlight Compensation button

Auto Iris Control/Gain Control

Edit search (Cam/VTR)/Record Review

End Search (Cam/VTR)

Interval Recording menu

Wait Time: 30 sec/1 min/5 min/10 min

Record Time:0.5 sec/1 sec/1.5 sec/2 sec

Frame Recording (menu)

Self Timer

Title (Cam/VTR)

Advance Preset Title: Language; English, French, Portuguese,Spanish, Chinese (complicated),Korean

Custom Title: Language; English,Russian, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Finnish

Fader: Black, Mosaic, Overlap, Wipe,Monotone, Bounce, Random Dot

Date/Time Auto Indication

World Time (menu)


Camera Noise Reduction

Photo Mode:Interlace (Memory mode)


B/W (0.44 Type 113K dots)


PCM Digital Stereo (12/16 bit)

PCM Mix Balance (menu)

Built-in Microphone with Stereo Electric Condenser

Built-in Speaker with Speaker Volume Control

Hi-Fi Sound Bilingual Switch


Digital8™ and Hi8™/Video8(playback) 8mm backward compatibility

Quick Record Start (Digital8 only)

Fine Synchro Edit Ready (Hi8 only)

Clear Frame Still, Slow (with remote)(Digital8 only)

Frame Advance with remote

LP Record (menu) (Digital8 only)

Auto LP Playback

TBC On/Off Switch

DNR On/Off Switch

Date Search (with remote)(Digital8 only)

Colour On Screen Display

Zero Set Memory with remote(Digital8 only)

Linear Time Counter (Hi8 only)

Time Code (Digital8 only)

Data Code (Digital8 only)

Digital Program Editing to Tape and Memory Stick™ (Digital8 only)

Signal Conversion Function (Digital8 only)

Playback Zoom – x5 variable(Digital8 only)

PAL Playback on LCD only(Digital8 only)


Video In/Out (Special)

S-Video In/Out

Audio In/Out (Special) (Stereo)

i.LINK™ DV In/Out

External Microphone Input(Stereo Plug-In Power)

LANC (Mini-Jack)

USB Terminal



2.5″ LCD Monitor

Pixels: 123,200 Dots

Mirror/Upside Down

Brightness Control (menu)

Colour Control (menu)

90¼ Opening Angle

Turning Angle: 90¼ Clockwise 180¼ Counter Clockwise,0¼ Monitoring


Noiseless Still/Slow

Tape/Battery Remaining Indicator

Anti-Glare Treatment

Anti-Fingerprint Treatment

Backlight Brightness Select(Normal, Bright, Menu)


Camera/VTR common: Zero Set Memory

Camera/VTR/Memory Common:Display

Camera: Record, Start/Stop,Zoom, Photo

VTR: Playback, Stop, FF, REW, Frame (+/-), Pause, Slow, x2,Search Select, Search, Data Code

Mode: VTR 2 only


Built-in Light

Remote Sensor/Remote On/Off switch (menu)

Beep Sound/On/Off Switch (menu)

16:9 Wide Full/Menu

Menu Button

Front Tally On/Off Switch (menu)

InfoLITHIUM™ System (scramble)

Battery Info

Demonstration Mode (menu)

Weight (without tape/battery):830 grams

Power Consumption:

VF: 2.9 watts

LCD On: 3.8 watts

VF + LCD: 4.0 watts

Dimensions (WxHxD/mm):89 x 101 x 199

Digital Effects: 6 Modes: Still,Flash Motion, Luminance Key, Slow Shutter, Trail, Old Movie

Picture Effects: 8 Modes: Slim, Stretch, Mosaic, Solarization, Monotone, Sepia, Negative Art and Pastel

USB Streaming


AC-L15 Adapter

NP-FM30 Rechargeable Battery

RMT-814 Wireless Remote Commmander¨

Stereo A/V Cable

Lens Cap/Shoulder Strap

Lithium Clock Battery Installed

2 “AA” Batteries

PIXELA ImageMixer/USB Driver(CD/ROM)

USB Cable

My main concern is the chosen one must be able to be connected to USB port for video and picture transferring to my PC because I don’t have firewire. But I heard, we can install firewire peripheral to the CPU. Any idea what’s the name of the hardware and price?

I hate making choice because I hate making the wrong choice but I have to. Can you help me to choose? I’ve been spending 4 hours till dawn to read reviews on camcoder and I am getting dizzy and confused. Having to choose is difficult. I wish I could just go out and grab one without worrying the significance of it and if I am not satisfy with it, I could just dump it and get a new one. Wish I am that filthy rich!!

p/s: I think I should get one before the mid term exam begin. It helps me to face the exam calmly. I’ve been thinking bout this stuff for a week and it’s driving me nuts. I even dream of this thing. arrghhh!!!






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