Penyakit PhD makin menular. Perasaan hasad dengki. Baru lepas stage 1 iaitu meeting ngan auditor company aku dah dibebani ngan masalah nie. The owner wants 15K as a deposit to purchase the company. Arghhh…. and they said that the process should only take less than 3 weeks not 3 months as we suggested before. Gila!! I am not a rich person who doesn’t care where my 150K goes later after I purchase the business. I have to go through the documents, paperworks, accounts, audit reports and etc..etc…etc….it will take at least 3 months before I can say yes or not to the owner. Hmm…something fishy. Is she trying to sell the business to us in such a hurry because she had discovered something bad that we don’t know. I have to investigate on this matter.

Anyway, I’ve also started a small business selling prepaid cards via sms. Before I was an active member of smsbiz but since the systems are not that good lately…I changed to ReloadZone Dot Com whereby membership is FREE. Wanna know more about this? Ask me questions in my blog or email me at and I will send u the manual that I created by mysef based on the info in the RZ web ( If any of you wants to register, you can put my introducer code in your form. It is 0623. 😀






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