Sejak akhir2 nie keje makin banyak. Slalu balik malam. Next week we will organize some games in our centre in Futurekids Wangsa Maju in conjunction with out 7th years of anniversary celebration. Thanks to Streamyx, now I can download lots of freeware that can be use in our centre and schools. It’s already 3 am and I am still awake trying to finish the scoreboard for Bookworm Game. There will be 3 categories altogether with 3 prizes for each categories and grand prize for the Master of Bookworm 2003.

Besides that, I am also in the middle of planning to attend a 6 days course which is organized by MARA and Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan. It cost me RM 260 and we will be trained on how to handle business, accounts and everything related to managing a business. Then later we can apply loans from them. I am still in the middle of thinking whether I should apply for loan or just get my parent to fund me. The business which my friend and I are planning to buy over will cost us RM150K and we need at least another RM30-40K tu maintain and continue the business. Never thought that I will end up here, in business line. We’ll see how far this thing can go…..we are still in the mid of discussing with the auditor and studying the account reports (still have to do it even though we have been working here for more than 2 years)

Right after the 6 days course, we will have one day break before heading to Genting Highland for 2 days course organized by the Futurekids franchisor, Pelican Group. Urrghh…..what a tight schedule throughtout the month of September……






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