Ahad yg damai

best dan tenang. that’s the exact pharases to describe my sunday. All alone at home, me and my laptop only. Others, went out to visit malls and friends. When I think again, goshh….this is the only sunday throught January 2003-August 2003 where I get the chance to be left alone at home. I’ve been seating in front of this laptop since morning. Surfing through the website, downloading stuff using Kazaa. Today my mood of music change from rock to instrumental. I choose Richard Clayderman’s songs to accompany me throughout the day Richard Clayderman. It is so good to be able to listen to some nice songs. My fav is ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’. Ohh, I wish I know how to play piano……

Last night was happening. I left the office at 8pm, fetched my sister and sent her to the optometrist to collect her new spectacle (she completes our family with eye sight problem..duhh). Then sent wana home before headed towards Chop n Steak to celebrate Doc Leed’s birthday Doc Leed. It was nice to meet the others after a long hard week of works. We chat and eat and exchange ideas till midnight. I never knew sizzling steak is so nice but then it affects my diet program (hahaha…). Once a while won’t harm :p






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