Now I Understand Why Some People CLaims STREAMYX Sucks!!

I emailed this to the customer service. After two weeks, I am getting tired of keep on calling them. My streamyx bill is running so does my dial up. Maybe this what u get when they give you free modem 🙁

Referring to report no: 476847 and 446309.

I was very disappointed with the service. As new subscriber I was looking forward for better service and access. After 2 weeks, I haven’t taste the enjoyment of using streamyx. Only managed to try it for 1 minute when the technician came and reconfigure my modem last saturday morning. After that, things get back to normal. DSL blinking as usual. I never thought that streamyx will be that troublesome. I’ve been taking the trouble going through oceans of human during the Sure Heboh at Bukit Jalil just to submit the form to entitled for the free modem and look what I got. 2 disasterous weeks!! My streamyx bill is going on and yet my dial up bill is still alive and getting stronger. Now I understand why lots of people says Streamyx just barking out loud when comes to the promotion. Me, a victim. I think if this matter still cannot be settled in another week or two, I shall unsubscribe this program, return the modem and I don’t want to be charged a single cent for getting nothing at all….

For your info, modem was installed since 15 July 2003 and till now…nothing. Thanks a lot…….:(






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